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in the first 13 months. >> there are big website problems with obama care. i think what is refreshing right now is crickets of this obama care are starting to look at how do we fix it? how to fund this thing, we can't accept it as the new law. and we should remember that as this program was rolled out in massachusetts in 2006, it took roughly three years before major problems with the system began to get fixed. so, i think insurance companies involved with this and analysts i talked with will tell you the insurance companies want to wait until they are not going to rush to judgment in the first three weeks based on whether or not there were web glitches. >> 36 states are affected by this. what do you think? >> call it what you will. whatever you think about the whole concept and idea of obama care, the execution has been disastrous. this undermined a lot of confidence in the program, undermined confidence in the program. jeff happens to be an extraordinarily talented person and he may be able to cure it. i don't think it's going to happen in the next two or three weeks. it will take a bit
a distance. if you were president obama, what choice would you make? i'd like to hear your succinct and considered response. write me at or on facebook. i promise to read every response. >>> let's turn now to another big story most of us know even less about than drones. tpp, the trans-pacific partnership. it's a trade agreement the united states is negotiating with australia, canada, japan and eight other countries in the pacific region. if you don't know about the tpp, and few do, it's because the powerful people behind it, including president obama, don't want you to know. the negotiations are shrouded in secrecy, and once they are completed, obama wants to rush the agreement through congress, fast-tracking, they call it, with our elected representatives given the choice only of voting it up or down. last year, over 130 members of congress asked the white house for more transparency about what's being negotiated and were essentially told to go fly a kite. you can be sure of this, however. a select group of corporate partners, companies like generax electric, goldma
, homophobic, and sexist slurs about government officials and andribing the tsa conspiratorial terms. the obama administration is rejecting calls to plant -- grand, sita nsa leaker edward snowden. in a letter given to a german lawmaker last week, snowden called on the u.s. to drop charges against him, writing "speaking the truth is not a crime." on sunday, dan pfeiffer ruled out clemency and said snowden should return to face criminal charges. in some of the latest snowden's disclosures, the "new york times" reports the nsa intercepted the talking points of view into secretary -- you would secretary-general ban ki- moon ahead of a meeting with president obama in april. we will have more on the story with the reporter scott shane after the headlines. a newly disclosed document shows the british government justified detaining the partner journalist glenn greenwald by accusing him of espionage and terrorism. in august, david maranda was on his way home to brazil when he was held from his nine hours at london's heathrow airport. he faced repeated interrogation, had many personal items seized, .nclu
. okay. all in the family. >> barack is not the only obama to promise you can keep your insurance. first lady, michelle obama, was secretary at her side, made the same claim to leaders of women's groups at the white house, quote, if you already have insurance and it seems there are a lot of people who are worried that they will lose what they have under this plan, but under this plan, if you already have insurance, you are set. nothing changes. you keep your insurance. you keep your doctors, unquote. >> question, how could the white house staff from the chief of staff to the junior speech writers let the president and first lady put their credibility on the line with these false claims? >> . >> you got your doctor, you got your plan, you are not involved. help people who need it and most of doesn't tri said okay, we'll go along with that. >> it's true for 95% of people. and 95% -- >> the 5% are millions of people. >> and they will get a better deal. >> according to eleanor. >> according to eleanor and chris and the affordable care act. >> let's try this. okay, promises promises.
continues. winston churchill is honored and capitol hill. -- on capitol hill. obama has been defending one of his flagship policies, obamacare, supposed to extend health insurance to 15 million americans who didn't previously have it. it has been billed as the biggest shakeup the country has seen in 50 years. but it has been plagued with problems. boston., >> a warm welcome for president obama and what felt like a campaign stop, the commander-in- chief took on the role of provider in chief, selling the success of obamacare. >> today the affordable care act requires insurance companies to abide by some of the strongest consumer protections this country is ever known. a true patients bill of rights. [applause] hill, itck on capitol was the president's health secretary kathleen sebelius in the spotlight. she was forced to address americans frustrations with the website failures. >> you deserve better. i apologize. i am accountable to you for fixing these problems. >> but even as she spoke, those who try to log onto got a now familiar error message. republicans have used the pro
by november 30, two months after its launch. president obama defended the health care rollout wednesday during an appearance in boston, but he was disrupted by protesters urging him to disrupt the construction of the keystone xl pipeline. >> [chanting] >> ok. we are talking about health care today. no, that is ok. that is the wrong rally. [laughter] we have the climate change rally in the summer. this is the health care rally. >> president obama cited problems faced in the rollout of the massachusetts health reform law signed by mitt romney in 2006. romney rejected the comparison, tweeting -- the protest against keystone xl came amidst reports that a pipeline in texas owned by the spilledeline company 400 barrels of crude oil near austin. the subsidiary of koch industries says that the brothers could win $100 billion in new profits if the keystone pipeline is completed. the federal reserve says it will continue it economic stimulus program, citing high unemployment and slowing recovery in housing sector. fede september 2012, the has been buying $83 billion in bonds every month in a bid to enco
drones and f-16 jets. the obama administration is asking congress to hold off on new sanctions against iran. at a white house meeting, top officials asked for the continued delay of the senate banking committee measure targeting iranian oil. the administration wants to stall the new sanctions pending the outcome of ongoing talks over iran's nuclear program. in an interview with voice of america, the lead u.s. negotiator on iran said she expects congress to ck it sanctions pause. >> we think this is a time for a pause to see if these to go shenzhen's can gain traction. congress has its prerogatives. we are hearing -- having very serious discussions. we work as partners with congress. i think they have been very as weant partners approach this because she asian we need them to continue to be effective partners to reach a successful conclusion. >> a new round of talks is set for next month in geneva. despite the white house called but to craddick and republican lawmakers have expressed support for holding a sanctions vote by the end of the week. woman's rights activists in saudi arabia to
over the health care bill, what is now called obama care. the overwhelming majority of the democrats in both the house and the senate wanted a public option. they wanted some kind of medicare for all. and it was only a handful of democrats, the corporate democrats led by max baucus. >> from montana. >> yes. >> who was chairman of the banking and finance committee. >> that's right. so, a small group of democrats, the corporate democrats were able to thwart the public will and have a public option. so, i don't think you can blame the entire democratic party. it is true that big business has an important role to play in the democratic party. and i think that's why we got robert rubin and we got tim geithner and we got the kinds of people that have. >> clinton democrats? >> the clinton democrats. and i think that's why obama picked, i think, the wrong people to be his financial advisors when he came into office. >> but there are with all due respect very few signs of leadership on a progressive agenda in congress, in washington for workers, for consumers or the environment. the congressi
. colorado was an obama state and montana was a romney state. over 70% voted for this. people want this change. i know it's going to be hard, but my job is not to come here and tell people what they can't do. believe me, if that is what people who cover politics right about democracy, if we cannot fix this thing, we never will. i don't think it will be possible to overcome slavery. i don't think it was possible to get women the vote. there are a lot of things that weren't possible, and it was never the big guys, it was the little guys. tavis: because if you rely on the media -- first of all, god help you. let me just take that as an example. if you are relying on the media, what we hope our colleagues would do more of, you would not rely on the media to cover politics and not politicians. everybody is struggling with poverty, but we still won't talk about it. there are other things only is that we won't talk about, but here is that point. two or three people are all over the media right now. what it comes back to, "dollarocracy." the dollar controls everything. how is it that we ge
term, as a candidate of the supreme leader in iran, president obama in washington and of bashar al-assad in syria, it is an amazing work if you can get it. this war, which i believe it was a noble war that is my belief in it and you were kind enough over the years to give me a kind of a forum for this, but this noble war has got ten a tyrant. >> rose: robin wright? >> well, the prime minister al maliki wants more weapons from the united states, he is very concerned that his government, his military particularly can't control the growing insurgency, more than 7,000 people have already died this year, more than 1,000 last month, and he da -- his theme in washington is al qaeda is back and more dangerous than ever, and that he needs help from the outside world, it is a particular irony given the fact that just two years ago the iraqis really wanted the united states to leave, and even if the united states had been willing to leave a residual force behind to help the iraqis, the iraqis, this particular government wouldable, was dead set on getting the americans out and now he is coming
there is serious question about the breath and depth of intelligence gathering. >> president obama has said he wants to review the operations, telling the u.s. television network fusion that privacy should be protected. >> national security operations purpose, tove one make sure the american people are safe. i am the final user of all of the intelligence that they gather, but they are involved in the whole wide range of issues. we have seen those capacities continue to develop and expand. sure that whatke they are able to do does not necessarily mean what they should be doing. >> the kenyan military, three soldiers have been found in possession of stolen goods after the attack in nairobi. head of the kenya criminal investigations department has confirmed that a call was made to norway during the siege. one of the suspects in the attack was named as a norwegian citizen of somali origin. time for business, erin is here. >> atlantic bonds, that is all we are talking about. david cameron is announcing plans for written to become the first non-ms. -- non-muslim country to issue and as luck --s issu
at least 57 of the 82 people killed were civilians, including children. the obama administration said the u.s. follows international law and tries to choose the actions "least likely to result in the loss of innocent life." the reports came as pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif met with president obama at the white house and renewed his calls for an end to the drone strikes. the two also discussed recent attacks on christians within pakistan. >>> in egypt, coptic christians mourned the victims of a deadly drive-by shooting this week at a cairo church. masked gunmen killed four people, including two young girls. the u.s. and international human rights groups condemned that shooting as well as a recent string of other attacks against egypt's coptic christian minority, estimated at about 10% of the population. despite hopes for an immediate change, the vatican's chief official for doctrine this week reaffirmed the catholic church's traditional teaching banning communion for divorced catholics who remarry. in an article for the vatican newspaper, archbishop gerhard mueller said those catholi
is that barack obama and his supporters raised about $1.2 billion and mid romney raised about 1.3 billion dollars. it was big money versus eight money. i would argue that obama will one on the basis of his own strength. tavis: let me go forward and then we will go back. the supreme court was forced to make a decision that depending on where you stand, perhaps it was a ruling that would completely gut what is left of campaign finance. if the decision goes in the way many people think it will go -- >> it is good you raise that question. allowingentially wealthy people to give more than ever to candidates. mccutchen would allow those wealthy people in a public way to give more money. but the fact that they are giving that money now through so-called independent expenditures, what the bill would do is systematized and make it more regimented. the truth of the matter is, the barn door is already open. if the mccutchen ruling comes down, it will be that much easier for them to do it, but we should not lie to ourselves. our politicians are dominated by the dollar. it is really just a cleanup after the f
capital punishment. president obama appeared at a he i headquarters monday to welcome new director james conley. obama told fbi staffers he will fight to restore the agency's full budget under sequestration. >> i will keep fighting for those resources because our country asks and expects a lot from you and we should make sure you have the resources you need to do the job, especially when any of your colleagues put their lives on the line on a daily basis all to serve and protect our fellow citizens will stop the least we can do is make sure you have the resources for it and your operations are not disruptive because of politics. >>, he was sworn in last month in a private ceremony. he has instructed all new agents to visit the memorial to dr. martin luther king jr. on the capitol mall is a lesson of what he called "the dangers in becoming untethered to oversight and accountability." has state university reached a nearly $60 million settlement with 26 victims of the child sex abuse committed by former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. up to six other victims are not a part of the s
for the moment. i do think that the rest of the world whenthey look at congress, and they look at obama i think on the specific thing of what happened in washington this time around, they tend to blame the republicans more than obama so they tend to -- >> i think outside you just pick it up from talking to politicians there is a general sympathy with him. i think the area where they have less sympathy with him is in terms of geopolitical leadership. they don't, to some extent the george bush excuse is now over, if he is, if his great achievement is to be somewhat nicer or more polite and get out of iraq or afghanistan and. >> rose: and to talk more. >> and talk more and listen more which he is good at listening, other people -- >> rose: most of the leaders you hear in terms of whatever -- >> everyone's cellphones conversations -- >> rose: no, no. >> it is always a notion with respect to america that, you know, they don't respect us, enough so that they listen to us. >> i think a lot of other leaders see obama as somewhat detached from things, you look at what happens in the middle east and the
it will be thrilling going in. what i didn't -- >> i think they're big music fans. i think obama is a bit of a nerd, so i don't know how much -- i don't know how extensive his music is. >> he sings pretty good at a al green. >> i was blown away by that. but you can tell michelle is very, very excited about the idea of having art, any kind of art in the white house and promoting a culture of art and having art in school. >> so this is all part of the same initiative? >> yeah. the occasion was they were sort of celebrating poetry and had a bunch of poets and there was a seminar in the afternoon for students where there was a question an and the poets were talking about their process and i was part of that. god bless somebody to mying i'm close to being a poet but i'll take it. so it was very interesting and very inspiring to hear the poets talk about their process and what ptry meant and how they work and everything. but what was more inspiring was to see -- you toe, michelle obama give a speech about the influence of art and education. it kind of got me thinking, what is the point of art? i think i alwa
by the obama administration. >> rose: badly abused beyond leaping troops in iraq. how has it been badly abused. >> barack obama goes to israel, holds a press conference with netanyahu, they talk about basic warnings about developing a program and within a matter of a weak or two he cuts the naval out in half and doesn't replace them. >> rose: did the israelis protest that. >> i don't know whether they protested that or not. it's a signal to everybody in the region. we saw the whole exercise over syria. the saudis were told and were ready to support effort for obama when he said he would expect punishment from the syrians because of the chemical weapons issue and we're ready to go and support the effort and at the last minute he cancels. >> rose: some say that the president didn't want to pull the trigger, he was looking for a way out. >> yes. i think he made a commitment he couldn't keep. he laid down a warning he wasn't prepared to enforce and he in effect took the easiest way out. >> rose: but suppose this turns out well. so far, it seems to be that they believe that the syrians have pret
reports. >> reporter: japanese prime minister shinzo abe wants something president barack obama has, a national security council. if he gets it he wants to share crucial information with the u.s. and other allies but he's been pressed to toughen up laws to protect against intelligent leaks. >> translator: it's important that legal framework designed to protect national security information is put in place in the interest of making sure that the national security council can conduct its discussions effectively. >> reporter: the state secrets bill would enable heads of government offices, such as ministers, to designate information related to national security as classified. only ministers, vice ministers, parliamentary secretaries, and approved public servants would handle that information. public officials who leak state secrets could face a maximum prison sentence of ten years, the same as in the u.s. the current maximum is one year. the bill would allow japanese leaders to classify information as secret for up to 30 years. any extension beyond that would require cabinet approval.
massiveand its technical failures. the obama administration says there were 4.7 million unique visits to the site in the first 20 four hours. according to notes from a meeting on the morning after the launch, just six people had successfully enrolled. by that afternoon, about 100 people had enrolled. 248 enrolled by the end of the day. the notes were released to a house panel under a documents request. reported by cbs news thursday, a day after health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius told the help panel there was no precise data on enrollments. senate republicans have blocked the confirmation of two obama nominees, one for housing oversight post and the second to a powerful appeals court. in back-to-back votes thursday, the senate fell just shy of t 60-vote threshold to overcome republican filibusters against melvin watt, a democratic congress member from north carolina, who was tapped to oversee the home or goods industry. who wasicia millett, nominated for the d c circuit of the was court of appeals. system that has not protected us. kenya to from niger, officials said
remark, parilla singled out president obama for tightening financial restrictions on cuba instead of listening the u.s. grip. cuba says the margo has cost over one $.1 stallion since president kennedy imposed in 1962. a pakistani family who survived a u.s. drone strike has appeared before congress in a historic hearing. on tuesday, he and his family told the story of the attack that killed his 68-year-old mother. nine-year-old nabila rehman described watching her grandmother blown to pieces. her brother, 13 years old, was injured with shrapnel wounds in the strike, said "my grandmother was nobody's enemy." it was the first time ever congress has heard directly from drone strike the him's. just five lawmakers, all democrats, chose to attend. we will bring you some of those who testified tomorrow on democracy now! following to dead multiple shootings on tuesday. in south carolina, six people were shot in what please call the murder-suicide involving the family. the victims included two children. in texas, shooting spree in a killed fiveell people. the alleged gunman was captured aft
counts for a lot. mr. obama with all due respect. he never had been in government. he had been a senator. >> rose: for a brief time. >> it's not the same to be in the executive -- >> rose: when you look at his -- >> i'm just pointing out a fact. i cannot criticize, it's not my country and he's not my president. but you know for example in mexico, he comes from the state of mexico where he was governor. president clinton came from the state of kansas where he was governor. >> rose: arkansas. >> arkansas. that's a real cost like calderon, he's never been in government. so it's a handicap. the executive branch has its own rules. >> rose: politics is different than business. >> it's very different. very different. yes. absolutely. that's why i never run for politics? >> rose: because. >> it's different. >> rose: it's different in that it'sism me first of all mean it's not simply black and white. it's nottism me about the numbers. it's about people in an interesting way and it's about politics and it's about coalitions. >> exactly. i would say for government office. now i am in politics
is the nationaling security agency informant claims that barack obama new that they were monitoring angela merkel in 2010. a contradiction to reports that he told her that he had no idea about the bugging. in spain in newspaper has reported that they have collected data from 60 million phone calls from one month and 2012. the information comes from documents recovered from edward snowden. on it goes. japanese media reported that the nsa asked the japanese government to help monitor communication tables linking the asia-pacific region, however tokyo refused. german politicians are demanding that they should abandon trade negotiations, at least until the issue is resolved. our tokyos correspondent responding to the claims that the national security agency and the u.s. wanted access to japanese optical fiber cables. >> this is an unnamed source, so we do not know the veracity, but it is from a reputable news , usually a reliable source of information that has had good contacts inside the japanese government. it is plausible that the report is true, saying that in 2011 the nsa, the american intellige
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)